Does your fire extinguisher need refilling? Tesla Fire Systems offers On site Extinguisher Inspection as well as fire extinguisher refill services. We refill for most makes and models.
fire extinguisher refills
According to the Ontario Fire Code, extinguishers need to be tested every year and recharged, or refilled, every 6 years. Don't be caught with a defective fire extinguisher. You could be fined! 
Here are some quick tips:

1. Check the pressure gauge. If it’s fallen below or risen above the functional level, it’s time to refill your fire extinguisher.
2. If your unit does not have a gauge, have it checked immediately.
3. Have your extinguisher checked annually.
4. Regardless if you haven't used your extinguisher, it needs to be filled every 6 years.
5. If you do use it, refill it immediately after use.
6. Only have it refilled professionally.
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