Carbon Monoxide Alarm Installation      Fire Alarm Inspection Certificate 

Tesla Fire Systems has over 50 years experience installing and maintaining Fire Alarm Systems for both residential and commercial purposes.

Fire Alarm Installation
Our licensed electricians & techs conduct a thorough test of your location, determining ideal alarm placement and power requirements.We then create a detailed quote, making suggestions as to the best equipment for the installation.

Our installations follow the highest standards and best practices in the industry and are guaranteed to be completely satisfactory. Each completed installation receives the CFAA certificate of approval & ESA certificate.

For a complete evaluation of your Fire Alarm System needs, 
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Fire Alarm System Repair & Commercial Suppression Systems Certification 
The technicians of Tesla Fire Systems are the experts in fire alarm repair and maintenance for commercial and residential properties.

We inspect, troubleshoot, and repair fire alarms and fire suppression systems. Our years of experience make us the best choice for all your commercial fire alarm inspection, installation, maintenance, and repair needs.

Our rates are competitive, our work is world class.