Tesla Electric has been selected the 2014 Consumer Choice Award winner in the category of Electrical Contractor for Toronto and the surrounding areas.

With over 43 years of experience Tesla Electric has a commitment to quality work, quality service, and customer satisfaction.

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The following are unsolicited testimonials from satisfied Tesla Electric customers.

Hi Joe,

Finally got some pictures for you. The lighting looks great! The effect is easier to see if you enlarge the photos:)

I am pleased to recommend, without reservation, from my experience, Tesla Electric.
We needed to replace knob and tube wiring in an extensive area in our house built in the 1920’s. Tesla examined the entire system before providing a quotation. The work was commenced on the date Tesla indicated they would start. Throughout the contract which lasted some three weeks, Tesla staff were extremely courteous; they were not disruptive and we were able to remain in the house while the work was being done; each day, the crew “broom cleaned”  the debris; all garbage was removed.
The job was finished on schedule and on budget. The crew that did the job worked extremely hard; they arrived on time and worked long hours during the day. The individuals involved in the job were consistent throughout, so there was no “downtime” transitioning from one crew to another. The job supervisor periodically checked progress and we are extremely happy with the quality and thoroughness of the job that was done.
At all times, the Tesla crew were very customer oriented and consistently asked whether we were happy with the work that was being done. They went out of their way to ensure that the contract was properly fulfilled. 
John Paterson
"Just wanted to thank you for a very good experience with Tesla electric.  We were in the middle of renovating an apartment in Little Italy and needed an electrician to wire our kitchen during a busy time of year, and Nedd came over right away, priced the job, and started it very soon.  Nedd, Joe and Brent were very helpful keeping us up to date on when the city would allow Tesla to install our new 220 amp service.  Once the city gave the go-ahead Tesla got on it right away, and they did a very thorough and clean job, as promised.  So thank you to everyone involved, I will certainly use Tesla for any future work."
Install Vanity Light Fixture - Excellent service. Quote from other companies was way higher but Mike from Tesla was not only extremely friendly but very knowledgeable. Installed the vanity fixture quickly and also obtained ESA certificate. Will definitely call them again for any future electrical work.

Maachi in Scarborough
   First of all thank you for your prompt and considerate service on Monday.

You are the only firm that returned my call in less than 18 hours. Joe is very good at his job and at his client contact. I see why you have been awarded for your service.

In a world that appears to be devoid of service anymore it was refreshing to experience your companies approach.

I would like to schedule another appointment to have some additional work done. Can someone contact me to set up an install of an exterior receptacle as well as some dimmers inside.

Thank you

Presidential Environment
I am writing you a testimonial because I am very pleased with the work you did on our 100 year old house in spring 2013.

We had knob and tube wiring replaced and you were here a month. I was amazed at the efficiency of the team and the punctuality and neatness.

The members of the team Joe, Sean, Kevin and Mike were each very considerate and easy to work with. I am delighted with new and beautiful lighting and I will gladly hire them again when needed.

Thank you Nedd for creating such a good company.

Ann Kerr
Nedd has been looking after all our electrical needs for over twenty years. Living in a ninety year old house, which is continually under renovation, or repair, we have made a lot of use of Ned's electrical expertise.

He knows his trade, he always arrives when he says he will, he is competitively priced and most importantly he does superb work.

For these reasons he has been the only person we have called over the last twenty years.

We highly recommend him.

Sheila and Brian Harrod
We recently had our house rewired (knob & tube removed) by Tesla Electric and we are happy with the work that was done. They did the work in the time they had estimated and they were clear about the costs all along. We were always informed about the work that was being done at any given time and any needed changes were clearly presented. They cleaned up every day and removed all the garbage at the end.

We will happily hire Tesla again if we have any further need for electrical work and have already recommended them to friends.

Sigrid Blohm & Peter Bruer
Toronto, Ontario
Tesla Electric and especially Joe were excellent to work with. They did a professional job at our premises. We highly recommend Tesla Electric and will definitely call Tesla for any other electrical work that we require.

Sari Colt
Toronto, Ontario
Hi Nedd,

Thanks again for sending a great team over to us to handle our new wiring. As promised, please see below our re view.. I know it is long but I feel these are important issue to all who are shopping around for an electrician.

Naturally when we discovered we had knob and tube wiring running through our recently purchased home we were rather distressed considering we understood from the seller that the wiring was all upgraded, not to mention the hard fast deadline our insurance gave us to ensure it was all disconnected an replaced with new wiring. After to reading numerous reviews, I took a chance and called Tesla. Understanding my urgency to have this resolved Nedd came over later that evening to give me an estimate. He not only helped clarify the concerns with having k&t but was able to assure us that our situation was not as bad as we first feared and that he would guarantee the work was done in time to satisfy our insurers. Not for a moment did I feel that he was trying to push or recommend fixes/upgrades that really didn't need to be done. It was evident that to me that he was a professional who was all about getting the job done that was actually necessary/required rather than someone looking to seize the opportunity to milk us for unnecessary work.

Now, on to the team he sent me... these guys were FANTASTIC!! It was honestly like a military operation. They arrived on time (everyday) and were so systematic and efficient. They meticulously covered every inch of my hardwood with high grade construction paper but also cover every piece of furniture with plastic. They were so careful to ensure anything that seemed at risk of getting knocked over was put in a safe place. They were also very careful to ensure our sneaky Siamese didn't try and make a dash out the front door. When Joe and Sean thoroughly assessed everything again to confirm all lights and outlets that needed to be addressed they also pointed out some other serious safety issues and took the time to patiently explain things. When all was assessed it did come in at the higher end of the quote but in fairness the extra was to address removing some old aluminum wiring found along the way that wasn't anticipated. And quite frankly they also added in some 'extras' that needed addressing after they quoted for which I was not charged.

One of my biggest concerns going into this knob and tube removal was the damage to the plaster walls of our old home. However, I was so impressed with their technique that only resulted in few carefully made holes in necessary spots. They are very skilled at fishing the wires where needed and didn't need to tear open my walls like a pack of gorillas (like my gas fitter guy did). They also saved the pucks for me so I could colour match the paint.

When Sean patched the walls I was most impressed, he did an incredible job. Now that I have repainted one can't even tell where there were once holes. He even went above and beyond by patching up cracks and holes along the way that he saw which were not even a result of damage they had caused. Not only was he super smart on every topic but a real perfectionist!

I have very high standards and it is not easy to impress me but I have to say, not only did every member of the team I was sent posses a great work ethic (wow, they work hard and long hours) they truly did a stellar job. I would recommend them to every one I know and I find a great deal of comfort knowing I can rely on them moving forward for all my electrical needs.

Robin Gleadall-Tajti
Having knob and tube replaced and all your electrical work upgraded to code can be a scary thing for a new home buyer but TESLA really did come to our rescue. Joe, Sean, Mike and Kevin were professional, knowledgeable, and took good care and pride in their work. We were impressed with how they respected our request to maintain the integrity of our heritage home. From the careful prep and clean up of our hardwood floors to the seamless patching of our stucco vaulted ceilings, we were very pleased with TESLA. Joe and crew were approachable and answered all our questions. Pricing was transparent and clearly communicated when work orders, as they inevitable do, change. We would not hesitate to recommend TESLA for your electrical needs!

Kathy and Eddy
Long Branch, Etobicoke
Dear Nedd,

Many thanks for the excellent work done by Tesla Electric Ltd. Your crew took good care of our home over the last seven days while completing an extensive job removing the knob and tube and completing additional work as requested. Coverings were used in all areas where work was done. Keeping dust to a minimum was a definite priority. Thank-you!

Your team was hardworking and courteous at all times. The time to finish the job as estimated by Joe was right on. The dry wall repairs done by Sean are excellent. Mike and Adriano as young apprentices are keen and well supervised. They are very fortunate to have landed this opportunity provided by your company.

We would not hesitate to recommend Tesla Electric to our friends.

Neil and Stephanie
Toronto, Ontario
Joe, Sean, Mike and crew were absolutely fantastic! They were exceptionally professional, dependable and reasonably priced. I had an urgent and massive knob&tube removal required. They met the deadline even though unexpected extra work was required. They were a pleasure to work with... I highly recommend them.

Lara Speirs
Toronto, Ontario
Just to give you a bit of a background, my father's insurance company refused to insurance his house because of the knob and tube system. They classified the house as high risk as this system could cause fires.

Since Tesla Electric specialized in knob and tube replacement and electrical service upgrades and had 39 years of experience, they were the first company I called.
Nedd Velagic did the estimate. The estimate was accurate. There were only 2 additional items added to the final billing based on what was found. When the insurance company failed to continue to ensure the property on condition of the ESA certificate, Nedd Velagic was kind enough to recommend his insurance broker, who insured the property based on Nedd's referral.

My father is elderly and not fluent in English. However, the crew made him understand what was going on at all times and were extremely pleasant. My family was comfortable with having them in the house. A good group of professional young men that knew exactly what they were doing! They were excellent!

The job was completed as scheduled. My father and my family were very satisfied with the work and we would recommend Tesla Electric to everyone!

Mary D'Alessio & Guido D'Alessio and Family
I contacted Tesla Electric in June 2009 to completely rewire my newly-purchased home. Knob and tube wiring had to be removed and service upgraded. As a first time home buyer, I was uncertain about the process but Nedd was timely and straightforward in providing an estimate and explaining all expenses. Nedd and Rico kept me informed at every step of the way and the work followed the timeline that I had been told to anticipate. I appreciated Tesla's professionalism and the fact that they also patched all holes after doing the rewiring. I have recommended Tesla to my friends.

Joseph Flessa
Recently I had Tesla Electric Ltd. re-wire the entire house, install a bathroom vent and a new front doorbell. The explanation of the necessary work was exceptionally clear and professional, and the documents were the same. Any possible increase of cost was mentioned in advance and was within the suggested limits.

The work was done in a very accommodating fashion, the patching of walls preparatory to painting was particularly skillful, and the clean-up after the job was excellent.
I certainly plan to have Tesla and Ned Valagic’s crew back for any father electrical work that might be needed in the future, and I can recommend them warmly to everyone.

Sincerely yours,
Marion Filipiuk
Creemore, Ontario
In March of this year we engaged Tesla to remove all the Knob and Tube wiring from our house. Nedd’s estimate was reasonable and his explanation of what the Job required was very clear. Right from the first day we where aware that the Crew was working effective and efficiently. We appreciated the prep work done in advance to keep things from getting dirty and damaged.

Rico’s standards are very high and he expects the same out of his crew, they all worked very hard, where extremely easy to get along with, and very considerate.
When the electrical inspector came, he looked it all over even opened the electrical panel, we ask him if this is going to pass his words where, this is definitely an above average job looks like they have great pride in their work.

I would like the thank you for the great service. You completed the job in a timely manor and left the house neat. I would not hesitate to refer you to others. Thank you Nedd!

Best regards,
Cheryl and Erwin
In June of this year, we engaged Tesla to recommend a course of action to remove all knob and tube wiring from our 130 year old, three story home at the above address. We were impressed with the manner by which Tesla evaluated the work to be completed, the emphasis on minimal penetration of interior walls and ceilings and that they were prepared to do the work in a timely manner on a fixed price basis. Based on other efforts to locate a contractor to do this work, we believed that their price was fair.

Tesla undertook the work within the time frame provided and were in our home for two and a half weeks. They relocated and covered furnishings, covered the floors and kept the home as neat and tidy as possible during this remedial work. They were very successful in keeping wall and ceiling openings to a minium by finding creative ways to complete the re-wiring. They provided from two to four workers at all times. Their senior electrician, Rico, was extremely competent, cordial and hardworking. The other staff were prepared to do what it took to get the job done, including difficult work in a small crawl space area.

We were especially pleased with the repair work to the plaster which left it ready to prime and paint. Nedd Velagic of Tesla frequently was at our home to monitor progress and assist in completion. He is a competent manager of his business and extremely cordial and responsive to his customers. In our view, the job was completed competently, in a timely manner and for the price quoted. Our insurance company accepted Tesla’s report with Electrical Safety Authority approvals. We would be glad to recommend any residential owner to engage Tesla to undertake removal of knob and tube wiring.

Alex Besse

I first heard of Tesla Electric from a workmate of mine after he found out that my wife and I were thinking of replacing all of the existing knob and tube wiring in our newly purchased home. After seeing at least half dozen other contractors we decided on Tesla mainly because of their impressive collection of referrals. Due to the extensive nature of the work and the cost to get it done my wife and f actually met with Ned twice before feeling comfortable enough to go ahead with the work, to his credit he was more than happy to oblige us with any of the questions we had.

The proposed work was slated to take 5-6 days and his extremely professional crew of Yenz (the chief electrician) and Derek (his assistant) showed up on time and got right down to work. Having been around from start to finish i was amazed to see how quickly and cleanly the men worked. Owning an 80 year old home had me worried about possible snags in the schedule but their experience in dealing with houses of this timeframe really helped to keep things running smooth and on time. With the bulk of the work completed Ned's plasterer (sorry can't remember his name) came in to magically put our walls and ceilings back together and Yenz followed up soon thereafter to install the new fixtures my wife and 1 had purchased.

I have no doubt in recommending Nedd and his crew at Tesla to any of my friends and family and in fact have already done so many times and will continue to for many years to come.

Rudy and Josette Katkic
Dear Nedd,

Chris and I would like to thank you and your team for the fantastic job you did re-wiring our house. The team, led by Jens, was very professional, extremely knowledgeable and expertly guided us through what was a massive daunting job. Mark then did a superb, meticulous job patching the holes that needed to be made. In fact, you turned what we thought would be a nightmare into a pleasurable experience. The team kept disruption to a minimum, always cleaned up at the end of the day and were al ways very pleasant and courteous.

Also, the team did a fantastic job working around us and the disruptions we caused, which was no easy task as this included working around an inquisitive two year old and a baby! Chris and I have been raving about you ever since and do not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who needs electrical work done.
Thank you again.

Caren Evenden
I am extremely pleased to prepare this letter of reference for Tesla Electric Ltd. who re­wired my home in December 2005. In early November 2005,1 purchased my house, the closing date for which was December 1. Because of personal circumstances, it was necessary that I move in as soon as possible after the closing date. Unfortunately, the kind people at my insurance company required that house first be re-wired.

Within a day of my calling, Nedd Pelagic was at my door. He walked me through the house suggesting what work should be done and why. He was sensitive to my budget and, almost as importantly, my urgent time frame. He said they could start the job within a few days and have it completed 8 days later. On the basis of this promise, and Nedd’s competitive quote. I chose Tesla for the job.

As promised, the work began work on schedule. While Jens and his crew at times worked late into the night, they always had time for my dumb questions about electricity. They were unfailingly professional, not only in respect of the re-wiring, but also in the way they cleaned up at the end of each day — even though no one was living in the house. As for Nedd, he always took1 my calls when I had questions, and met me at the house a number of times when things couldn’t be explained over the phone. He was always on time. My young daughter still talks about “Nedd tire Electrical Guy”.

Tire re-wiring of my home was completed on time and on budget. As I indicated above, time was very much of the essence for me, and Nedd did not fail me in this regard. I simply cannot say enough about the professionalism and quality of work of Tesla Electric. Nor can I recommend them more highly.

Yours truly,
Scott Warwick
We had the opportunity to work with Tesla Electric this summer and I wanted to write to say what a positive experience it was working with them. I found them professional, honest and hard-working.

We were not expecting to do any electrical work on our house this summer but like so many other Toronto home-owners, once we started renovating we discovered that we needed to re-wire most of our home. Feeling somewhat despondent and stressed-out we met with Ned from Tesla Electric. He promptly reviewed the situation in our house and gave us a detailed estimate for the work.

When the work started on our house, it was Jens who we mostly met with. He was great; reliable, diligent and also had a good sense of humour. Jens was also very good at communicating any issues that came up and promptly dealt with any unforeseen problems. Jens and his crew worked six-day work weeks and managed to finish our house in less than the time they had estimated. We would gladly hire Tesla Electric again.

Marcia Walker
Recently my wife and I bought an older Toronto home. The house contained outdated knob and tube wiring throughout. We contacted several electrical contractors, but the approach proposed by Ned was by far the most thorough and professional of all the quotes we received.

Nedd's crew began work a few weeks later. Jens and the rest of the crew were very efficient in their work. They kept the disruption to a minimum, and lid an outstanding job of cleaning up at the end of each day. While our house contained very old and brittle lathe and plaster, they were able to complete their work very efficiently and create little mess.

I would not hesitate to .recommend Ned and. team to others, and would definitely choose Tesla electric for any future electrical work that I require.

Nedd and his crew:
  • provided clear explanations of the work involved
  • happily added to the fist of work when I thought of other fixes that should be done at the same time
  • provided a paper trail for all adjustments to the original contract
  • left our house as clean as could be expected under the circumstances
  • returned phone calls promptly
  • provided documentation to our insurance company when asked
  • completed the work over a reasonable period of time
  • returned to the house for follow up questions when asked
  • supplied all this for a reasonable price
  • were thought of highly by the electrical inspector

I was particularly impressed with the flawless patching. It was almost a shame to paint over it. (!)

Thanks again for your great work,
Kelly Binnington

Nedd Vegalic and his team from Tesla Electric recently did a substantial amount of re-wiring in my 1889 home. Nedd was very clear in his explanation of the work that needed to be done, and took the time to answer any questions that I had. His team (Jens, Mark, Antonio and Derek), led by Jens, did excellent work.

I was impressed with the care they took in preparation for working by protecting the floors and furniture throughout the house, and with the skill they demonstrated in their work. They were also unfailingly courteous, thoughtful and accommodating.

I highly recommend Tesla Electric to prospective clients.

Yours sincerely,
Janet Stubbs
I’m writing to say how pleased I was with the work done recently to replace the old wiring in my house. I particularly appreciated the efficiency and friendly attitude of the work crew headed by Jens Lindert. It was a bigger job than I expected and they carried it out quickly and neatly, with a minimum of upset.

I appreciated the care they took in moving and replacing furniture and accessories and in protecting the floors and floor coverings. I was also appreciated your and Jens’s clear explanations of what needed to be done and why.

Although I obviously am not qualified to comment on the technical aspects of the job, I am confident, given the entirely professional way everything else about the work was done, that the workmanship as a whole must be to a high standard.

I will be recommending your firm to my friends and colleagues.

Yours truly,
Barbara Todd
I am very pleased to provide this letter of reference for Tesla Electric Ltd., which I contracted to rewire and upgrade service to my 60-year-old residence. Tesla’s crew worked quickly and cleanly and completed the job ahead of schedule and within budget, with only the most minimal incursions to the structure’s interior walls.

Such patching as was necessary was also accomplished by Tesla in record time and was of extraordinarily high caliber. Company personnel were on site every day, all day for the duration of the job and each of them was exceptionally polite, professional and accommodative of our needs.

The Electrical Safety Authority inspector was also thoroughly impressed with the quality of the work and was frankly astonished that it proceeded as quickly as it did. Thank you, Tesla!

Ray Mayson
Toronto, Ontario
Dear Nedd,

We are writing to let you know how pleased we are with Tesla’s recent work at our house. Pulling us from knob and tube technology into the 21st century was a major undertaking but the job was performed with professionalism, care and timely bits of good humour from you and your crew. We appreciate your effort in drawing up a thorough estimate for us and in coming to the house to ‘walk through’ the work plan and the process. We also appreciated the accuracy of your estimate ~ when the job was complete, and the final installment was due, there were no surprises.

The crew arrived on time every day. They worked solidly through the day and never stranded us to go to another job. They paid attention to safety while they were working, being careful about where equipment and supplies were stored both during the day and at night. They also did a good job of cleaning up at the end of each day.

Jens was an excellent foreman. He was responsible and hard-working. On several nights he stayed late and, with other crew members, he came in on weekends to keep the job moving along. He made sure to inform us about what they expected to accomplish each day and kept us informed if anything unexpected cropped up.
I understand from speaking with other homeowners that finding such an experienced, dependable, meticulous, and friendly electrical contractor is rare indeed. So we are glad we found Tesla. Please feel free to show our letter to prospective customers who want references.

With best regards,
Richard Birch and Betsy Matthews
Toronto, Ontario
It is not very often that services are performed to our satisfaction so it is with great pleasure that we highly recommend Tesla Electric for the excellent level of services provided.

Nedd visited our home and shortly provided an estimate of the work needed to replace the old knob and tube electrical. He clearly indicated the work to be done, as well as the time frame and answered all our questions. Pricing was reasonable.

Our first impression was confirmed once more on the very first day the crew arrived at our home. We realized we were in good hands. We very much appreciated the advice from Joe regarding some lighting decisions. Sean, Kevin and Michael were always friendly, showed up on time and were very tidy, careful to leave the house clean at the end of the day. The work was completed on time and we found the crew to be very professional, as well as courteous.

Our experience with Tesla Electric was above and beyond our expectations. We would not hesitate to recommend Tesla Electric to our neighbors , family, and friends.

Yours Truly,
Alicia Laumann
Dear Mr. Velagic, I recently contracted your company to re-wire my bathroom and install a bathroom vent.

At the time of hiring, you took the time to explain what the job entailed and had the insight to recommend additional work that could be completed while my bathroom was under construction. This recommendation allowed for the pre-planning of our entire house being re-wired and for installation of smoke alarms.

I would like to personally thank you for your great service. You completed the job on a timely basis and left the premises clean. I would not hesitate on referring you to others.
Yours truly,
Dianne Vito
Dear Nedd,

Wishing you and your staff New Year’s greetings and a good year ahead. Thank you for all your excellent service to us over the past seven years. Starting with installing our fire alarm system and continuing with replacing much of our old wiring. I have always found you and the fellows working with you courteous and skilled.
With appreciation,
Ann Kerr
Upon purchasing our house in Toronto’s east end, we were required by the insurer to replace the original “knob and tube” electrical wiring with wiring to meet the current building code.

TESLA came highly recommended to us for its quality of workmanship. We hired them for the project, and were impressed with the care they took of our house. The floors were covered with paper to minimise dirt, and the workers were diligent in cleaning dust after every shift.

Furthermore, our house has plaster walls, and TESLA did minimal damage wiring the electrical outlets from the attic. Similarly, new holes had to be cut in the ceiling for the fixtures, and again minimal damage was done.

The work passed the city’s inspection without issue. We would hire TESLA again with confidence for any major repair.

Michael and Monica
Toronto, Ontario
"We were originally referred to Nedd Velagic, President, Tesla Electric Limited ("Tesla") when we were researching electricians to rewire our older home and replace any remaining "knob and tube" components. This proved to be a sound recommendation.

Our job was quoted at a competitive and reasonable price. It was estimated to be a two week project. In addition to replacement wiring, our contract was to include inspection of any upgrades that had been installed by prior owners to ensure current standards were met. During work we made modifications for additional installations and, although this added approximately 3-4 days to timing, it was easily accommodated by Tesla. All work was completed in a professional manner. As work progressed, we were impressed by the team's initiative to suggest and undertake minor technical changes that they considered necessary or that would be helpful. If larger issues were identified, they made reasonable recommendations as to how to prioritize.

In our research we had learned that Tesla was unique in that they also provided a complete drywall repair service for rewiring projects. Notwithstanding that they make every effort to limit and isolate intrusions, this feature was truly appreciated once we saw the number of holes required to guide the wires! Tesla did outstanding electrical work but it was certainly value added that they could efficiently and effectively coordinate the drywall repair component as well. They did such a great job that, in many rooms, we were able to simply do touch up painting until a later date.

Only months after completing the rewiring we upgraded the kitchen and required that the electrical work be subcontracted to Tesla. Tesla seamlessly joined the team to coordinate.

On both occasions, Tesla coordinated all necessary inspections and we are now confident that the wiring in our home is safe and meets all standards. We highly recommend the Tesla team. We lived in our home through these projects and the Tesla team were terrific "house guests" as well as a pleasure to work with- they were conscientious and respectful. We will continue to rely on Tesla Electric Limited for our electrical needs and have no hesitation in recommending them to family, friends and neighbors.
We value the trust that we have in the work they do and with Tesla Electric Limited continued success in years to come.

Yours truly,
Leslie Forder
"Nedd, I want to thank you very much and Joe for fixing my parents switch which got their air conditioning back. My parents said Joe was very courteous and professional. Your services were greatly appreciated !!! I won't hesitate to refer other people to you. Have a great day. "

Oscar Gouveia
"Thanks Nedd - It was a pleasure doing business with you. it is intimidating to hire someone from the internet and your company proved to be a good choice. Joe was really fantastic and deserves a huge raise! And my son tells me that whoever was with him on the day they did the work was also very diligent and professional. "  

Susan Movat
I’ve just had Tesla Electric complete the removal of knob and tube wiring from my city home and replace all of the electrical. I cannot say enough about Nedd Velagic and his team of workers. The estimate was presented in a very concise and professional manner. Any changes to the estimate were always brought to your attention in advance and with a thorough explanation of what had to be done.

Once work commenced Nedd and his group led by Joe went to work in a very professional and efficient manner. I was most impressed by the way all in which all furnishings were protected by plastic coverings and drop sheets were used on the flooring. At the end of each day a complete clean-up was made before leaving. The drilling of holes in walls and ceilings was kept to a minimum and any concerns I had over any damage to these areas vanished once Mark “The Plasterer” displayed his artistic touch. I certainly would not hesitate in calling Nedd in the future.

Bob Henderson 
"I highly recommend Tesla Electric. The Company has recently completed major work in my house, first correcting bad and incomplete work by another firm, and then replacing most of the knob and tube wiring in my three story house. They were well organized, careful to cover works paces, computer, etc., with dust sheets. One day they worked long hours to complete main floor work for a large "surprise" party, that had not been scheduled when they started the job. They responded to additional requests promptly, did follow up and stayed within their original estimate. The have my unqualified confidence and support."

E. Morgan
Toronto, Ontario
Tesla Electric assisted us with our kitchen renovation. They were responsive to our time lines, reliable and the work was of a high standard. I would have no hesitation working with them on future projects.

Dan Vella
Nedd and his crew at Tesla rewired our entire house removing all knob and tube wiring. They were careful to cover all of our furniture and household items to minimize dust and cleaned up at the end of every day. They worked long hours trying to get the job done as quickly as possible and were very respectful of our family and our needs to be in the house at times during the rewiring.

We have since undergone a kitchen/bathroom renovation and have required the services of Tesla from time to time. They have been very responsive and have come after hours when necessary to complete small jobs that have made the renovation process more comfortable for our family.

Overall we have been very satisfied with Nedd and his team and would recommend Tesla Electric Ltd. to our friends and family.

Corinne Millsip & Tom Zacharias
Toronto, Ontario
We would like to thank you for the rewiring work Tesla recently completed at our house. It took us some time to finalize the scope of the job; we appreciated your patience and help as we worked through that process. The extra time was worthwhile since it led to some great additions, such as our whole home surge protection and terrific soffit lighting. Once we got rolling, your team worked quickly and treated our home very well. They cleaned up after themselves every day and did everything they could to keep the inconvenience of a very disruptive process to a minimum. Joe and Rico were extremely friendly and easy to work with. While there were some scheduling challenges at the end of the process (as everyone tried to get everything done before the holidays), the service was excellent. We would gladly recommend Tesla to our friends and family. 

Matthew Seagrim & Krista Martin Seagrim
Toronto, Ontario
"I would like to take a moment and thank both you and your team for the outstanding work Tesla Electric completed at my house last month. Replacing the entire electrical service can be challenging - both as a home owner and I'm sure as a licensed electrician. Nonetheless, the work was completed on time, within budget and with minimal disturbance to the house. As with any renovation project, communication is the key and this is really where Tesla excelled. You enabled us to work effectively with our other contractors. From the first day when your team carefully covered the hardwood floors to the very end when the cleanup was done, the job was completed in a very professional manner. Please feel free to use me as a reference if needed in the future.
All the best and thank you again.

Adam Harper
Toronto, Ontario
"We recently had our house rewired (knob & tube removed) by Tesla Electric and were happy with the work that was done. They did the work in the time they had estimated and they were clear about the costs all along. We were always informed about the work that was being done at any given time and any changes were clearly presented. They cleaned up every day and removed all the garbage at the end. We will happily hire Tesla again if we have any further need for electrical work and have already recommended them to friends."

Sigrid Blohm Blohm & Peter Bruer
Toronto, Ontario
"Recently I had Tesla Electric Ltd. rewire the entire house, install a bathroom vent and a new front doorbell. The explanation of the necessary work was exceptionally clear and professional, and the documents were the same. Any possible increase of cost was mentioned in advance and was within suggested limits. The work was done in a very accommodating fashion, the patching of walls in preparation for painting was particularly skillful, and the clean-up after the job was excellent. I certainly plan to have Tesla and Nedd Velagic's crew back for any further electrical work that might be needed in the future, and I can recommend them warmly to everyone."

Sincerely yours,
Marion Filipiuk
Toronto, Ontario 
I was feeling somewhat anxious about all the ifs-and butts involved in rewiring a house, but when it was all over, I was glad I’d chosen Tesla Electric to do the job.

Nedd’s estimate was reasonable and his explanation of what the job would require was clear, but the proof is in the pudding. Right from the first day, I was aware that the crew was working effectively and efficiently and this impression became stronger as the job went on. Rico was clearly the leader and Dan and urgent apprentices. The standards were high and Rico made sure the young guys were up to mark. They all worked hard and they were all easy to get along with and they did a good job of cleaning up the mess.

As most people know, re-wiring means making holes in the walls and or ceiling to route the wires. One of the reasons I chose Nedd’s firm (over another that I had a good feeling about) was his company’s policy of filling in the holes and getting the surfaces paint ready. The crew kept the number of holes to a minimum. The young fellow who patched the holes was Brian – whom I found to be polite and highly conscientious.

As the job progressed, Nedd and I talked about about life and the Universe, but mostly about what it’s like to run a business like his. I got the sense of a man who enjoys his work, takes great pride in doing it well, takes a lot of care in selecting the people who work for him and enjoys teaching them the trade.

One last thing, it was Nedd himself, who put in the extra (arc fault ) panel required for the job and as he was midway through the afternoon, I overheard him telling someone on his cell phone who appeared to have a crisis on his hands that there was no way he was leaving my panel till it was up and running. That made me feel pretty good.

Nelles Van Loon 
Toronto, Ontario
In March of this year we engaged Tesla to remove all the Knob and Tube wiring from out house. Nedd's estimate was reasonable and his explanation of what the job required was very clear. Right from the first day we were aware that the Crew was working effective and efficiently. We appreciated the prep work done in advance to keep things from getting dirty and damaged. Rico's standards are very high and he expects the same out of his crew.

They all worked very hard, were extremely easy to get along with and very considerate. When the electrical inspector came, he looked it all over - even opened the electrical panel - we ask him if this is going to pass his words were; "this is definitely an above average job and looks like they have great pride in their work." I would like to thank you for the great service. You completed the job in a timely manner and left the house near. I would not hesitate to refer you to others.

Thank you Nedd , and the team of Rico.
Best Regards
Cheryl and Erwin
Dear Nedd,

I’m writing to thank you for the work your crew did at our house installing pot lights, doing related wiring and replacing switches. It was easy to work with Jens, Mark and Craig. Jens is a good communicator and did a good job of making notes of all the work we needed to have done.

We appreciated the prep work done in advance to make sure things didn’t get dirty or damaged. In particular, the plastering completed afterwards to fill in the holes created to run the wires were very well done. Mark did an excellent job sanding. After we painted, we couldn’t see where the new plaster was.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Tesla Electric for this type of work and we would be pleased to work with you again, should the need arise.

Anne Cobban
Joe and his team were great, we used them for two separate occasions. One to upgrade all the switches, electrical outlets, replace all light fixtures, add new line, re attach loose electrical fixture as, and adding an RFI. T he second visit was to replace the electrical panel as we ran out of space to install an A/C. They were great that they even fixed a plumbing leak under the sink! The team were very clean, they patched the new holes and re sanded them smooth for painting. I Would recommend them.

Very pleased with their work. Nedd came and did the estimate and took the time to listen and explain everything. Their pricing was comparable with other quotes we received. Joe and his team did the work and were courteous, professional and very clean. I was especially impressed with the patching work they did to match the texture of the old plaster walls and ceilings. We had less than 30 days to get the work done, and they were able to start right away and complete the job in time.

The job ended up being about 50% more than expected due to discovery of additional old wiring that needed to be replaced, but we were kept informed and the pricing was transparent and consistent with our expectations. Overall, we are very happy and would recommend Tesla without hesitation.

Joe, Sean, Mike and crew were absolutely fantastic! They were exceptionally professional, dependable and reasonably priced. I had an urgent and massive knob&tube removal required. They met the deadline even though unexpected extra work was required. They were a pleasure to work with... I highly recommend them.

Nedd and his crew did a FANTASTIC job re-wiring my entire house to replace the old knob and tube wiring. Nedd worked collaboratively with me and my wife and made suggestions and recommendations that I'm thankful for now. His experience was critical in providing guidance in areas we never would have thought of. Nedd's quote was precise and he came in right on budget. His crew was also great in their prep work (covering all the hardwood floors) and their cleanup. I would highly recommend Tesla Electric.

I have used Tesla exclusively on a number of electrical projects in our house since buying it 6 years ago. They have always been timely, done solid work for a competitive price and have been friendly as well. No complaints at all. Would recommend them to anyone!

David P.