Tesla Fire Suppression Hood System Certification Test 
To ensure your Kitchen Hood Systems passes strict Ontario Fire Code regulations, we follow 23 steps to ensure safety is priority one. Please Call Nedd Velagic at 416-535-9693 for pricing.  
                  Inspection Test Sheet       
1. Are all cooking surfaces protected? Yes No
2. Inspection and service tag on system cylinder Yes No
3. System has not been fired or been tampered with? Yes  No hood system certification
4. All piping and conduit are immobilized with proper hangers and brackets yes  No
5. Positioning of all nozzles is appropriate? Yes  No
6. Nozzle caps in place? Yes  No
7. Fuse links replaced? Yes No
8. Tested system operation from terminal link for proper operation? Yes  No
9. Tested system operation with manual remote for proper operation? Yes No
10. Tested system operation and proper operation of micro switch? N/A Yes No
11. System components visible and free from obstructions? Yes  No
12. Gas shuts down upon system activation? N/A Yes  No
13. Electric power shuts down upon system activation? N/A  Yes  No
14. Cylinder hydro test conducted within last 12 years?
Hydro Test date _______ Yes  No
15. Pressure gage present and in operational range? Yes No
16. Weight of CO2 or Nitrogen cartridge ____________ N/A  Yes  No
17. All lead and wire seals are intact? Yes  No
18. Class K extinguisher in place and serviced? Yes  No
19. Range hood tied to building alarm panel? N/A Yes  No
20. Range hood activation signal received at building alarm panel? N/A  Yes  No
21. Is System impaired by grease? (circle) Light Medium Heavy Yes No
22. Cleaned By ________________________________________
23. Date of last hood cleaning? ___________