Where There's Smoke Sound The Alarm

September 21,2012
firemen putting out fire New Fire code requires detectors on each level of your home.
 Must also have alarm outside all sleeping areas as well.
Last year in Ontario, four house fires caused 17 deaths - 11 of them children under 16, two of them seniors. Smoke alarms were a factor in all of them, says Bernard Moyle, Ontario's Fire Marshall. and 48 per cent of those fires were preventable, he says.
"Smoke alarms double the chance of escaping fires. Thats why we are taking a new approach now."
This new approach, called " Smoke Alarms: It's the Law," is a fire code that took effect March 1. It requires residents to have working smoke alarms on every level of their home.

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Video: Propane Explosion

Watch the above video to see the awesome power of a Explosion in Toronto Last year.
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